Basic Writing and Reading Strategies

ENG* 095

Basic Writing and Reading Strategies prepares students for the writing demand of ENG* 101
Composition and other credit level courses. Through a genre approach to writing
instruction similar to ENG* 101, ENG* 095 students will analyze a variety of
nonfiction texts in multiple genres and prepare writing projects according to
rhetorical situations. Students will write with attention to purpose and audience,
appropriate and varied organization, development using detailed evidence, and
language, including grammar and sentence structure. Students will also learn the
writing process and emphasis will be placed on the reading –writing connection.
This course complements instruction in ENG*073. Students will receive embedded
support during writing studio hours. Prerequisites: Multiple placement measures
including placement test scores, advising, high school records and a score of 3 on
the Write-Placer. 3 hours of lecture per week and 3 hours of lab per week