CSA* 205

This course concentrates on the most important advanced business applications
using Microsoft Office, including word processing with Word, presentation graphics
with PowerPoint, spreadsheets with Excel, databases with Access, and the World
Wide Web with Internet Explorer. Emphasis is on hands-on practice to produce
interesting and useful projects while learning the fundamentals of Microsoft Office.
Formerly listed as CIS 250, not open to students who have successfully completed CIS
250. Prerequisite: completion of CSA 105 or passing score on the Microsoft Proficient
level exam for Excel and Access. If you are taking the distance learning version, and
have not taken a distance learning course at CCC before, you may wish to attend an
optional two-day seminar to obtain a working knowledge of the World Wide Web
and e-mail. If you are familiar with the World Wide Web and e-mail, you can skip the
orientation. In addition, you need your own Internet provider, computer, and the
current version of Microsoft Office software (refer to distance learning requirements
earlier in this catalog or on the College’s web site: