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Important Information

Dear Capital Students,

As part of our response to the COVID-19 pandemic, all Connecticut Community College students will have the option to convert any grades they earn in classes completed during the fall 2020 term to Credit for Transfer (CRT) / Credit (CR) / No Credit (NCE) grading. This option does not apply to courses for which a student applied for and received an incomplete.

Students can apply through MyCommnet for CRT / CR / NCE grades for all courses completed in the Fall 2020 term between December 23, 2020 and January 8, 2021 or until a credential is awarded, whichever is earlier.

There are many things to consider before choosing this option:

  • Students can apply up to 15 credits of “CR”,  “CRT”, or “Pass” grades to a degree.
  • If you are applying for entrance into a specialized program this option may not meet the eligibility requirements for that program.
  • Courses for which students earn a “CR” grade count for general education courses but may not meet major course or prerequisite requirements.
  • A “CRT” grade will transfer and apply to major and general education requirements at any CSCU institution with or without the completion of an associate degree in most cases.  There may be exceptions for how a course applies to major requirements in specialized or selective admission programs.
  • Courses for which students earn a CR grade will transfer to a CSCU institution with a completed associate degree, although applicability of a CR may vary in programs that require a grade of C or above in specific courses.
  • Courses for which students earn an “NCE” grade will not fulfill any requirements.
  • CRT, CR, and NCE grades will not have an impact on the student’s GPA.

Students are encouraged to speak with their advisor with any questions, or go to the CSCU system website for additional information: This page includes general Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the policy, instructions on how students can request the conversion of grades to this option, and a link to MyCommnet.

Capital Community College also has a more comprehensive FAQ document about the policy that has a lot of “meat” that is specific to Capital students… This document pprovides detailed information and guidance for students in specific programs (such as Nursing, Paramedic, Radiologic Technology, Medical Assisting, and Social Services)… along with all the other general FAQ information that the BOR system office developed for students. This Capital-specific FAQ document is​ available to view and download here.

As always… Please continue to regularly check this page where we post all COVID-related updates and information in one location.

Please note – We have also extended the Withdraw deadline to Monday, December 7.  If you decide to withdraw please email the Registrar’s Office at by December 7.