Community Health Worker with Mental Health First Aid Certification

Community Health Workers are becoming an essential part of the healthcare system. They help community members gain access to care, increase their knowledge, help prevent disease and improve health outcomes. In this program, you’ll learn about the role of the Community Health Worker, how to provide culturally appropriate health education and outreach, advocate for your clients and more.

This program includes a Mental Health First Aid Certification.

This certificate program has been enhanced to provide you with better preparation for the world of work and to make a successful transition from training to career. As part of your certificate, you will learn workplace and career planning skills. Topics include: Problem solving, decision making, time management, professional behavior in the workplace, job search strategies, interviewing skills, and financial literacy. Students will also learn cover letter and resume writing tips.

NOTE: Background checks are required for most allied health positions. Students with felony convictions may have difficulty obtaining employment in these fields. 


Our certificate programs have been enhanced to provide you with the skills necessary to start your new career and how to make a successful transition from training to career. Topics covered are: Classroom Success, Navigating the Workplace, Soft Skills, Resume/Cover Letter Prep, Interview/Job Search Techniques. Students must complete this additional 12hr course in order to receive their certificate. This course is included in the cost of the certificate.

Dates are posted on the course page, here.




Course Code: HMED G5382


Day/Time: Mon/Wed/Thu, 5:30pm to 8:30pm

Room: 307

Instructor: Joel Rivera/Staff

Cost: $1,799