College Senate

Name Term Ends Group
Sabrina Adams-Roberts 2020 ACL
Paul Creech 2020 Senator at large
Elizabeth Daniels 2021 ACL
Mary Joan Forstbauer 2020 FAC
Seth Freeman 2020 FAC
Mike Kriscenski 2020 ACL
Lilliam Martinez 2021 FAC
Amy Lemire 2020 CLA
John Boudreau 2021 CLA
Josh Hummel 2021 ACL
Mike Proulx 2020 FAC
John Thomas 2021 ACL
Carmen Yiamouyiannis 2021 FAC

Capital Technology Committee
Name Group
Jennifer Ackerman Nursing
Mike Bies Media Services
Information Technology
Odile Dilone Continuing Education
Saaid Elhadad Business and Technology
Joshua Hummel (Chair) Humanities
Daniel Lewis Library Services
Allied Health
Science and Mathematics
Jennifer Thomassen Social Sciences
tbd Student Services
College Affairs
Name Term Ends Group
Jennifer Ackerman 2020 FAC
2020 ACL
Barbara Grenzinski 2020 FAC
2021 FAC
Argelio Marrero 2021 ACL
Latanya Sumlin 2020 CLA
Open Seat 2019 CLA
Open Seat 2019 Student
Curriculum and Academic Policy Committee
Name, Department Department
Waynette Arnum Enrollment Services
Bharat Bhushan Science and Mathematics
Jennifer Briggs Nursing
Marsha Bryant Social Sciences
Mike Ligon (Chair) Business and Technology
Gerald Murphy Business and Technology
Minati Roychoudhuri Humanities
Allied Health
Miah LaPierre Dreger, Dean of Academic and Student Affairs (Ex-officio)
Diversity and Inclusion Committee
Name Group
Gail Baxter FAC
Lisa Braveman (Co-Chair) FAC
Jennifer Briggs FAC
Rachel Cohen FAC
Sonali Ghosh FAC
Marlene Hageman FAC
Kathy Herron FAC
Marcus Lawson FAC
Jessica Palozie FAC
Warren Towler FAC
Michelle White (Co-Chair) FAC
Faculty, Staff, Student Development Committee
Name Term Ends Group
Mike Proulx 2021 FAC
Jonathan Nyez 2021 FAC
Mike Ligon 2020 FAC
Elizabeth Daniels 2021 ACL
Open Seat 2019 ACL
Daxa Patel 2021 Classified
Open Seat 2019 Classified
Open Seat 2019 Student
Planning and Review Committee
Name Term Ends Group
Bharat Bhushan 2020 FAC
Marlene Hageman 2021 FAC
Gerald Murphy 2020 FAC
Hannah Gregory Continuing Education
Jenny Wang Director of Institutional Research
Student representative
Self-Nominations for the Diversity and Inclusion Committee
Helena Carrisquillo
Marie Basche
Carl Guierriere
Michelle White
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