Spinning Your Yarn – A Nonprofit’s Guide to Storytelling

Storytelling is a very effective tool for the success of any Nonprofit. Well-presented stories can attract donors, win support and raise money; as well as provide a positive image of the organization in the public’s eye. Stories can make a cause tangible and relatable for those involved.


  • Choosing effective stories.
  • Explore elements that will make the greatest impact in your story.
  • Using emotion and urgency to motivate your audience.
  • Basic elements of a compelling story.
  • Learn about infographics, photos and graphics and how they fit into your story.
  • Learn about different communication platforms to share your story.

Required text: None

Prerequisite: None

CEUs: 0.6

Date:  4/26/19

Time: 9am-4pm

Instructor: Rebecca Tuttle

Room: 604

Cost: $90