Medical Interpreter Program (MIP)

In partnership with Eastern AHEC, the Medical & Community Interpreter Program establishes the basic foundation for all healthcare and community interpreters by providing specialized training in healthcare, education, and community service interpretation. In addition to expertise in the code of ethics and the modes and techniques of community interpreting, an interpreter must understand cultural systematics that make communication skills pertinent in healthier & safer lifestyles. Specifically, for those of you in the healthcare system, we teach you to master the most common medical concepts, procedures and terminology.
The course entails 56 hours of highly interactive practice sessions and role-plays both online and in-class. Each course accommodates up to 15 participants and on average requires 8 hours of homework, 40 hours in classroom or hybrid settings and up to 8 hours of practicum.


  • Interpreting techniques, Modes of Interpreting, Guiding the Encounter, and memory skills.
  • Healthcare from a cultural perspective.
  • Structure and principles of U.S. healthcare.
  • Biomedical practitioners, methods of diagnosis and medical terminology.
  • The human body.
  • Medical Interpreter Code of Ethics.
  • Today’s educational system.
  • Communicating with respect to all cultures.
  • Real time, real world interpreter training with qualified interpreters.


  • 18 years of age
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Pass the Language Proficiency Assessment (LPA) with 80% or more (a LPA is composed of 3 segments: General English language (online timed assessment), Medical Terminology language (online times assessment), and a 25-minute oral assessment (via conference call). Candidate must receive a score of 80% on Sections I and II, before taking the oral assessment). A fee of $75 will be assessed to students who fail the LPA. Fee is included in course cost for students who pass the LPA.


Course Code: FLAN G5017

Date: Coming Fall 2019

Day/Time:Tues. & Thur., 5:00pm-8:00pm

Room: 301

Cost: $800.00

Career Information

The Connecticut Department of Labor reports the entry-level wage for this occupation is approximately $14.01 and the average annual wage is $46,539.  No information is currently available on the projected occupation outlook.