Mastering Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Mastery goes beyond traditional emotional intelligence seminars—inviting participants to consider a lasting change of perspective that will make a real difference in how they read their emotions, and harness them towards making better choices, and communicating with more authenticity and effectiveness. More than the standard set of self-help dot-points and to-dos, the workshop inspires making new and better choices from the inside, out. Everything changes when we do. We change, when our perspective changes.

Emotional Mastery builds on the learnings of Developing Emotional Intelligence; adding additional depth for advanced students of Ei. It is helpful, but not necessary, to take Developing Emotional Intelligence before taking Emotional Mastery.

The workshop is crafted so that attendees experience many “ah ha” moments, in interactive blend of lecture and fun exercises that allow them to view themselves and their emotional natures in a new, expanded way.


Course Code: COMM G5027

Date: 6/4/19

Day/Time: Tuesday, 9am-4pm

Room: 307

Instructor: Mark Petruzzi

Cost: $90.00