All Aboard! Fast Tracking Success for New Team Members

All Aboard! Fast Tracking Success for New Team Members

New employees are pressed to prove themselves when first starting a job. The faster a new employee can integrate him/herself into the company’s culture and learn their job, the faster they will be able to contribute to the company’s goals. Knowledge management is an important tool when onboarding new employees. Properly collecting, recording and conveying information about key tasks for specific roles, can allow a new employee to hit the ground running. It will also save time and money, by freeing other employees who are involved in their training.



  • Definition of knowledge management.
  • Gathering data for recording of key tasks.
  • Recording and preparing the data for new employees.
  • Preparing tools and information needed for new hires.
  • Preparing a coaching/mentoring plan for new employees.


Required text: None

Prerequisite: None

CEUs: 0.6

Date:  6/19/19

Time: 9am-4pm

Instructor: Juantray Easmon

Room: 307

Cost: $90