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To the prospective Preceptors of the students of the Paramedic Program at Capital Community College:

Thank you for the role that you are playing in the education of our Paramedic students.  I am sure you are wondering how the clinical rotations and internship works, how the students are evaluated, and what your responsibilities are.  Below, you will find two tabs. One for hospital based clinical preceptors, and one for internship preceptors. On these web pages, you will find the following;

  • A short orientation video on precepting
  • Directions on how to complete the Clinical evaluations forms or Field Internship Shift Evaluation
  • A blank Field Internship Shift Evaluation form
  • The roles and responsibilities of the preceptor
  • Clinical and Internship policies

The students, the program, and I thank you for your hard work, dedication to the patients, and to the profession.  If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact me

Thank you

Daniel Tauber,  MEd, CCEMTP, NRP, NCEE, EMS-I
Department Chair, Health Careers and Public Safety Professor and Program Director, Paramedic Program

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