Advising Toolkit

Advising is such an important role for student success. Thank you for your role in that success. This toolkit has master copies of information and advising sheets for advisors and students. We hope you find it helpful when meeting with students.

Advising Tips – Advising Students is a great way of building student engagement, promoting programs and aiding in student persistence.

Advising Info & Checklists – This section is designed to provide the Advisor with tools and information that will help them guide students based on student’s individual needs such as their placement test scores, major or number of credits a student has earned.

Advising Forms – The forms included will help you and your advisee in educational planning so that they remain on track and plan ahead . Due to slight changes each catalogue term, Advisors are encouraged to use the Degree Evaluation tool through myCommnet which will base the program course selection on the student’s entering catalogue term. (See ‘Advising Info and Checklists’ section for instructions). Be sure to use the catalogue course description section to ensure student’s have completed appropriate pre-requisites.

Student Handouts – The included forms are helpful tips and information for your advisees. Please feel free to distribute based on student needs.

Transfer Info – Students should be deciding whether they would like to earn a degree beyond their Associate’s ideally in their first semester at Capital. Included in this transfer section is information about transfer to public and private institutions that our students commonly transfer to. You will also find information about articulation agreements for your review. Any student wishing to transfer should be referred to our Transfer Counselor Sabrina Adams-Roberts in Room 208 or by calling (860) 906-5043.

College Policies – Understanding the policies is important to advisors and students alike to ensure students are academically successful, qualify for financial aid and are follow proper procedures without negative consequences.

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