Student Clubs and Organizations

To facilitate the efficient processing of Student Senate and Club Purchase Requisitions the following procedures must be followed.

  • All requests for goods must be submitted on an approved and signed Purchase Requisition.
  • All requests for contracted services must be submitted on a signed Contract to the Purchasing Department. Please allow at least two weeks for Purchase Requisition to be processed and items to be delivered. Please allow three weeks for Contract to be processed.
  • Do not request the use of Petty Cash. The Purchasing Department will determine the purchasing method for all requisitions.
  • All Student Senate requisitions must be signed by the Student Senate Treasurer.
  • All Purchase Requisitions from the Student Senate and Student Clubs must be signed by the

Dean of Student Services, her Designee or the Director of Student Activities.

  • All requisitions must have minutes attached showing that the money allocated for that particular purchase has been tabled and approved by the individual club.  If a large sum of money has been approved for an event, the minutes must include a detailed list of expenses and estimated costs for that event. Minutes must be submitted in the approved format per The Student Senate Handbook for Clubs & Organizations. 
  • When several items for purchase are mentioned in the same minutes there should be one requisition submitted per vendor and an attached set of minutes per requisition.  Please highlight the item to be purchased on the attached minutes so there is no confusion in matching line items.
  • When ordering custom items such as give-aways with College logo, T-shirts, flyers that need to go out to print, add at least three weeks for processing and delivery.
  • Never commit an order to a vendor until the Purchasing Department has reviewed the order and issued a purchase order. The Purchasing Department may change the order to a vendor that holds a Contract Award, accepts a purchase order from the College or can provide the items or service requested for a better price and time frame.
  • All out-of state travel by students must have a signed Travel Authorization form on file in the Purchasing Department before the travel takes place or payment of travel expenses are made. The Travel Authorization shall identify the student traveling, estimated costs and source of funding for the proposed travel. A signed Purchase Requisition should be forwarded with the Travel Authorization for any expense (registration, transportation, hotel, and meals) associated with the travel. Travel that involves booking flights and reserving hotels should be done well in advance to secure the best prices.