Refreshment Policy

Faculty and staff often requisition expenses involving refreshments or catering services for general College business. This policy will be the guideline for determining if the expense is allowable or action taken for requisitions received that are deemed non-allowable.

Under no circumstance will the College pay for alcoholic beverages

Allowable Expenses

  • Expenses of breakfast, luncheon or dinner meetings held on-campus in connection with College business or with the entertaining of guests visiting the College on official business are allowable. Expenditures should be limited to the cost of food and beverage only.
  • The charge is part of a conference or workshop expense
  • It is necessary to hold a meeting to carry out official College business that extends through breakfast, lunch, or dinner
  • A member of a search committee hosts a candidate for a position.
  • A departmental employee hosts a visiting lecturer or other official guest to the College

Non-Allowable Expenses:

Ad hoc committee meeting and informal meetings consisting solely of College employees should not include breakfast, luncheon, or dinner expenses from budgetary funds.

For Grant- supported payments pre-approval is required by the Grant Administrator.

  • Cakes for birthdays or other personal milestone celebrations
  • Retirement parties
  • Holiday and other luncheon employee gathering
  • Office parties
  • Employee entertainment


  • College division or departments routinely scheduled meetings should be planned to avoid extending into lunch and dinner breaks when possible.
  • Purchase requests for refreshments that do not follow this policy will be reviewed by the Director of Finance and Administrative Services and may require the President’s signature before a purchase order is issued or an invoice is paid.
  • Under certain circumstances, it may become necessary that in the best interest of the College, the President may invoke an exception to the above policy.
  • Please keep in mind that business meals and events with meals where only all College employees are in attendance are subject to close public examination and audit.  This type of expense must be documented as necessary and reasonable in all instances.