Purchasing Process

Your Role in the Purchasing Process

To assist the Purchasing Department in expediting your requests, we offer the following suggestions:

  • Identify those areas where you can plan ahead for procurement, thereby allowing us time to facilitate the order. The more time Purchasing and the vendor have to process the order the better job we can do for you.
  • Submit a separate requisition for each vendor.
  • Determine if a Service Contract is needed by contacting Purchasing
  • Include the date materials are required. Do not use ASAP. Requisitions with a specific delivery date will be given priority over those with a missing delivery requirement.
  • Attach all quotes obtained, registration forms, agreements that pertain to the goods and services to be purchased.
  • Attach a spread sheet when ordering a large list of items from a single vendor; include item numbers, description of items, quantity requested and unit price.
  • The name of the event must be placed on the requisition when ordering refreshments.
  • Do not request the use of Petty Cash for your purchase, the Purchasing Department will determine the purchasing method for all purchases.