Purchasing Procedures

General Statement

This Purchasing Guide contains information regarding the basic policies and procedures to be followed for procurement at Capital Community College. It provides guidance in purchasing transactions and offers useful information about how the purchasing process works in general.

Purchasing Contacts:

Name Title Phone Email
Carrie Benyei Associate Fiscal Admin. Officer 906-5066 cbenyei@capitalcc.edu
Anne Romus Purchasing Assistant 906-5065 aromus@capitalcc.edu
Tyshawn Pemberton Material Storage Specialist 906-5069 tpemberton@capitalcc.edu
Role of the Purchasing Department

The Purchasing Department is responsible for the Purchase and Contracting of all goods and services occurring within Capital Community College. This includes:

  • Receiving of USPS, FEDEX and UPS shipments intended for Capital Community College.
  • The 7th floor mailroom and the Capital Community College Loading Dock located at 153 Market Street.
  • Delivery of all goods and mail throughout Capital Community College.
  • Issuing Travel Authorization numbers
  • Reimbursements for in-state and out of state Travel

Individual departments may conduct preliminary investigations while developing a source for new products or specialized equipment or services, however, final commitments for all purchases are made by the Purchasing Department in accordance with Connecticut General Statutes and Board of Regents for Higher Education Policy.



Effective July 1, 2015                                                                                                         Revised Sept 15, 2016