Purchasing Miscellaneous

How to Place a Stockroom Order

The Stockroom has supplies for the basic everyday needs of the College’s faculty and staff.  The Stockroom is not for student, student organization or classroom use.

To obtain supplies, fill out a Stockroom Supply Form (Form E) with the quantity required. The form must be filled out completely (name, room number, telephone number and date supplies are needed).  Leave the form in the 7th floor mailroom box labeled “Supply Orders.” When your order is ready it will be delivered to you.

Receiving Procedure for Purchase Orders

All approved outside orders are delivered directly to the Stockroom. Your order is matched with a Purchase Order, checked in and delivered to you. You will be asked to sign your full name and date on either the packing list or the receiving copy of the Purchase Order.  Be sure to check off each item to verify that nothing is damaged or missing.  Notify Purchasing immediately of any discrepancies.

Return of Goods

All returns are handled by the Purchasing Department. If your order needs to be returned for any reason, i.e., damaged items, duplicate shipment, incorrect item, please call Purchasing as soon as possible to assure proper credit or exchange of items.

Fixed Asset Items

Goods costing $5000 or more are considered a “Fixed Asset.”   These items are assigned an inventory number at the time of delivery and the location of the item is recorded in the fixed asset module of Banner.  This module feeds the annual system wide inventory conducted each summer.

Any item with a bar-coded inventory tag should not be moved or disposed of without notifying the Purchasing Department at ext. 5066.

Unauthorized Purchases

Reminder –verbal orders are in strict violation of State Policy.

Goods or services that are received without proper processing through the Purchasing Department are not considered contractual obligations of the College. Goods and services identified upon delivery as not related to a Purchase Order or college business may be refused and returned to the vendor.