Purchase Requisition

Requests for the purchase of goods and services must be accomplished by the submittal of an authorized and approved Purchase Requisition (Form A) or an Executed Contract. Proper funding must be in place and noted on the requisition. Reminder –verbal orders are in strict violation of State Policy.

  • Requisitions for items relating to computers, printers, software, telephones, or upgrades and/or accessories for these products must first be reviewed and signed off by the Director of the Information Technology Department before submission to Purchasing.

The Purchase Requisition must contain the following:

  • Name, department, phone number, delivery location.
  • Funding source.
  • Date required.
  • Recommended Vendors: Complete name, address, web page, phone and fax number of the vendor you wish to use.
  • Item Description: A complete description of the item(s) you wish to order including part numbers and latest pricing. When calling a company for pricing, indicate that we are a governmental and educational institution (in case there is a discount available), not subject to sales tax.  Be sure to indicate that your call is an inquiry only.  Do not place any telephone orders, make any commitments or sign any contracts.
  • Appropriate signature approval(s)

Purchase Order Creation

The Capital Community College Purchase Order (Form B) is the vendor’s authority to provide and invoice for the goods and/or services specified. PO’s are generated by the Purchasing Department directly from the requirements outlined on the approved purchase requisitions. The PO covers the essential elements of the purchase and conveys all the necessary purchasing requirements, term and conditions.

How your Purchase Requisition is Converted into a Purchase Order

When the requisition is received, the Purchasing Department does the following:

  • Reviews the requisition to determine that all required data is provided to assure prompt processing of the order.
  • Determines if the items for purchase are available using an existing State Contract, State Certified Small or Minority Vendor or needs to go through the bidding process.
  • Enters the requisition in Banner to be forwarded to the Director of Finance for final approval.
  • Approved purchase order is printed and forwarded to the vendor as an approved purchase.
  • Return yellow copy of purchase requisition to originator with assigned purchase order number indicating that the order has been placed

Petty Cash Policy:

Petty Cash funds are intended to facilitate departmental or agency purchases of small, but necessary operating items not to exceed $50.00 except for emergencies or specific exceptions granted by the State Comptroller, based upon the needs of an agency.  Petty Cash funds will not be used for regular invoices that can be processed through Banner.