Preview Policy for Supply and Equipment

Preview Policy:

Any items requested or received for preview must be secured by means of the process described below.  Under no circumstances should any individual arrange for a preview without going through the Purchasing Department first.

Fill out a Purchase Requisition:  All college Staff and Faculty must notify the Purchasing Department of their intent to request a preview (trial offer, etc.) of any commodity (i.e. books, software or equipment).  This will be accomplished through the use of a Purchase Requisition prior to the preview.  The requisition must be clearly marked as a PREVIEW.


Any costs associated with the preview of commodities or equipment, such as those listed below, will become either the responsibility of the individual or that individual’s departmental budget dependent upon the action/inaction taken by the faculty or staff employee:

  • Shipping, handling, freight, postage
  • Re-stocking charges
  • Forced or mandatory purchase due to:
    • condition of returned goods or equipment
    • return of goods beyond return policy of vendor
    • other terms and or conditions put forth by the vendor as a condition of the preview

Return of Preview Items:

The Purchasing Staff can assist in the return of previewed items, but it is the responsibility of the employee previewing the items to retain the item(s) previewed in returnable condition with all appropriate packaging materials needed for a vendor’s acceptable return.  This individual must also secure any authorizations needed for the return from the vendor.

  • No packages are to be returned without prior review by the Purchasing Department.  This is to ensure that all paperwork is in proper order, shipping requirements are met and that no unnecessary charges will be incurred by the college.