Mailroom Procedures

Mail is collected once daily from the mail room at 8:30 a.m. Monday thru Friday.

All USPS mail, including priority mail, express mail and certified mail are picked up from the College and processed by DAS Central Mailing on Trinity Street.

Outgoing Mail:

College name and address, plus the employee or department name must be in the return address section of the envelope for DAS Central Mail to stamp the item.

Outgoing College mail must be placed in the blue bins in the mailroom.  Please read the labels on the bins for proper sorting according to destination.

Bin #1

Inter-Agency Mail is picked up and delivered by a CT State Courier and should not be mixed with mail that is to be stamped and mailed by the USPS.

  • All Inter-Agency mail must be in a sealed envelope and must have a complete street address, including department and recipient name or it will be returned to CCC as undeliverable.

Bin #2 Outgoing USPS Mail

  • Envelopes must be rubber-banded
  • Mail oriented in same direction
  • sealed and rubber-banded
  • unsealed and flapped over plus rubber-banded

All personal or pre-stamped mail must be deposited in USPS Mail Boxes outside the college. 

CCC is not responsible for personal mail left in the mailroom.