Shelter-In-Place Procedures

In the event of a LOCK DOWN or SHELTER-IN-PLACE event, follow this procedures.

1. Immediately upon announcement or text advising of an event, RUN, if you have a clear path to an exit: GET OUT or leave open public space and go to the nearest room. Lock the door behind you and turn cell phones to silent or vibrate. You may go to the nearest office space or a College public restroom. Assist mobility-challenged persons. Remove yourself from plain sight; as a last resort, hide behind a pillar or under a table. If you are in a public place stay out of groups.

2. Close the blinds and turn off the lights.

3. If the door does not lock behind you, barricade it, and stick a folded belt under it to prevent entry.

4. HIDE under a desk or behind furniture: stay out of a potential line of fire from windows or doors.

5. Remain quiet and wait for instructions on your phone or from a uniformed officer. Once the door is closed: DO NOT open the door for anyone else.

6. If an intruder gets into your space—FIGHT, with any improvised weapon you can find.

Follow the Officer’s directions. Do exactly as he tells you, quickly and quietly. The perpetrator may be a fellow student or employee: the Officer does not know who the bad guy is yet.

Every situation is different; prepare in advance by having a plan and knowing where the exits are. In an intruder incident, you will be told to RUN-HIDE-FIGHT. If you have a quick, clear path out of a building, get out. If not, then shelter-in place. If you believe you may be assaulted, prepare to fight; find a weapon, and defend yourself.

For valuable tips, see the web page for the Run-Hide-Fight video. Due to the nature of our location in a high rise building, in most instances the procedure in this college is to shelter-in-place unless specifically told otherwise.