Sexual Assault Policy

PURPOSE: This policy is maintained in order to facilitate a standard procedure to effectively deal with the threat of sex offenders on the campus of this college.

POLICY: In compliance with State of Connecticut Community-Technical Colleges Board of Trustees, this policy is included in the Capital Community College Student Handbook is BOT policy 5.13, in accordance with the State of Connecticut Section 1601 of Public Policy Law 106-386, the Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act. This act requires sex offenders who are already required to register under the terms of the State’s “Megan’s Law” to provide notice to each institution of higher education where they are enrolled as a student or employed. This institution is proactive in efforts to identify sex offenders and to assure compliance with this law.

PROCEDURE: Each semester, the Master Sergeant will compare a list of persons enrolled in the college, to the State of Connecticut Sex Offenders Registry. If an individual from the registry is found to be a student at the college, his/her name will be submitted to the Dean of Students. A meeting of the college Sex Offender Threat Assessment Team will be called as soon as possible. The Threat Assessment Team will investigate the particular circumstances of each of the identified offenders, and determine if that person constitutes a continued threat to the college community. Based on the results of this determination, the Threat Assessment Team shall prepare a report with a recommendation. The State System legal staff will then be consulted prior to implementing further action. If the offender is deemed not to be a threat, then no further action will be taken.

The Threat Assessment Team shall consist of the following;

  • The Dean of Administration
  • The Dean of Students
  • The Director of Public Safety

Sexual assault is any actual or attempted non-consensual sexual activity including but not limited to intercourse, sexual touching, exhibitionism or sexual language of a threatening nature. Force, coercion or threat (actual or implied) often accompanies sexual assault. The perpetrator may be known or unknown to the victim and may involve “date rape”.

Capital Community College will protect the confidentiality of the victim.

Capital Community College will vigorously investigate all complaints of sexual assault

Capital Community College will provide continued support to the victim in the form of informed access to choice of medical care, the court system, your legal rights, and counseling options.