Request For Services

The Department of Public Safety will provide an officer to speak to any class or college gathering. The officer will answer any questions or concerns regarding safety issues at the college. The officer will also provide practical advice, safety tips, and what do if you are the victim or witness to a crime.

The Department will also independently conduct classes on various topics of concern to the community.

Lost & Found

The Department of Public Safety is in charge of the college’s lost and found. If you find an item that you believe someone has lost, please drop it off with a Security Officer or bring to our office. If you have lost an item, please stop by our office to see if it has been brought to us.


Officers are available to escort staff, students, and guests to and from local parking areas. You may call ahead of time for an officer to meet you.

Engraving Items

Officers will mark your personal items for easy identification and theft protection. (i.e. a social security or owner’s initials on a laptop computer)