Notification Policy


To establish protocol for timely and uniform dissemination of information to the Officers of the College and community.


The Department of Public Safety will make prompt notification of any unusual incident or dangerous condition directly to the Dean of Administration. The Dean will then notify the other Deans of the College and the President. It is the policy of this Department to release all information to the community as quickly as possible.


The Department of Public Safety Director or his designee will make a written report and disseminate to all Deans of the College and President of any condition that may impact the safety or good order of the community.

  • The Dean of Administration will notify and consult with the Deans of the College. The Dean of Administration will notify and consult with the President.
  • The Director of Public Safety and Dean of Administration will promptly release information to the community.
  • Release of information will be sent via e-mail, or electronic message boards located on each floor of the building. Information may also be released via the Public Information Officer by radio or T.V. The medium used to release the information will be based on the individual circumstance of each situation.
  • Information of a sensitive or personal nature regarding a student or employee will not be released to the public.
  • Names and addresses of complainants and crime victims will not be released.
  • Information that may negatively impact an on going investigation will not be released, unless failure to release could constitute a danger to the College Community.
  • No information will be released as a result of pressure from any group. Information will be released only after it has been verified as a true and factual account of an incident.