Medical Assistance Calls Policy and Procedure


To establish procedural guidelines for handling medical assist calls received by this department.


It is the policy of the Capital Community College department of Public safety to respond to all calls for medical assistance on the college campus. The officers of the Department of Public Safety have all been trained as first responders, and in the past have provided valuable, lifesaving aid and treatment to the college community.

  1. The dispatcher will at once notify an officer and a supervisor to all medical calls on the campus.
  2. The dispatcher will notify E.M.S. to respond, relating all known information about the victim, the illness or injury and location of incident. The dispatcher will stay on the phone with E.M.S. if possible.
  3. The first responding Public Safety Officer is in charge of the scene. This is regardless of other persons or instructors who may be on scene. The officer, at his discretion may ask for the assistance of other persons in the area if he deems that necessary.
  4. Instructors will clear the classroom of other students to protect the privacy of the victim, and to insure proper care is given without interruption from on-lookers.
  5. A public Safety officer will “hold” an elevator and meet E.M.S. in the lobby to escort them to the scene.
  6. The Investigating officer will file a detailed report that includes names of the victim and any witness to accidents. Information as to the nature of the illness or injury, location, time, and other important information that should be documented.

In some instances, a victim will decline the offer for an ambulance for transport. If the officer believes that the injury is severe enough to warrant transport, an ambulance will be summoned to the scene. The victim may then decline transport directly to E.M.S. after signing a “Waiver of Treatment” form.