Lock Down Procedure

Lock-Down Policy – Non-Fire Emergency Evacuation Procedure

PURPOSE: To establish protocol for an orderly and safe procedure in the event of a critical incident that requires an emergency evacuation or “Lock-Down” of the college.

POLICY: The Director of the Department of Public Safety or his designee will evaluate the situation and take immediate action to protect life and property. Notifications to the Dean of Administration and other officers of the college will follow as soon as the situation allows.

PROCEDURES: Immediately upon receipt of information of an incident that may pose a risk to the Capital Community. Officers will be dispatched to gather intelligence and contain the scene.

  • Dispatch will make notifications to the Hartford Police Department/ Fire Department, and the Dean of Administration.
  • Notifications will also be made to 960 Security as we share our building.

If it is determined that a Lock-Down is required, the Public Safety officer assigned to the lobby area will lock all lobby entrance/exit doors. He will then take a stationary post in the lobby.

The supervisor on duty will then make a determination as to the quickest and safest manner of Lock-Down notification to persons still in the college building, emergency responders, medical facilities and the surrounding community. He may use a portable PA system (bullhorn), college emergency alert system, telephones, college plasma screens, in-person notification by Public Safety Officer, or College Public Address system.

In some instances the Officer will give specific instructions for a full or partial evacuation. Persons are to follow the normal evacuation procedures in this case.

  1. Stairwell “A”. This stairwell will exit onto Main Street. All people using these exits will cross the street to Main and Trumbull Street.
  2. Stairwell “B”. This stairwell exits onto Talcott Street. All people using this stairwell will go to the lot area located at Main and Talcott Street.
  3. Stairwell “D”. This stairwell will exit behind the Richardson Building/Marriott Residence Inn. People using this stairwell will go through the parking areas and down to Market Street.
  4. Stairwell “D1”. This stairwell will exit onto Main Street. People using this stairwell will go South on Main Street towards State House Square.
  5. Stairwell “H”. The Laboratory School will exit Stairwell H and go down Market Street.

**IMPORTANT—Listen carefully to the directions given by Public Safety Officers and Floor Captains.

HANDICAPPED PERSONS: Follow the normal procedure by reporting to the designated area.

  1. Floor Captains and Public Safety will bring all handicapped persons to the D1 Stairwell or elevator entrance. The exact number and location of persons needing assistance is to be logged with the communications officer and relayed directly to the supervisor.
  2. Public Safety Officers will assist in evacuation or stay with special needs persons until they reach safety.
  3. Evacuation Route maps are located on the wall near all elevators.
  4. Direct communication can be made by pressing the button on the boxes located on each floor below the blue lights

**Public Safety are trained in the safe evacuation of handicapped persons via the Evac-U-Trac chairs.

In the event of an actual Lock-Down all persons will:

  • Stay exactly where they are at the moment notification of a lock-down is received
  • Close and lock all doors from the inside
  • Lock windows, close all blinds, shades
  • Turn off all lights in the room
  • Call 911 to give location, then turn all cell-phone volume down or to vibrate mode
  • Fold a belt or other object under the door as an additional doorstop
  • Lay flat on the floor, under a desk if possible
  • Lay down in a place not in a direct line of sight from a window or door
  • Stay very quiet
  • Under no circumstance is a door to be opened
  • Stay on the floor until uniformed emergency personnel arrive

***Once you have exited the building please move to a safe location away from the building and emergency officers.

***Command of the scene is to be turned over at once to the Hartford Police or Fire Commander upon their arrival.