Hazardous Materials Policy and Procedure


To establish procedural guidelines to govern the proper and safe response and control of emergency situations involving suspected hazardous materials.es.


Capital Community College maintains small quantities of hazardous materials located with-in the main building. The science laboratories, nursing labs, and other academic centers using chemicals are primary locations for spills and accidents. Other areas of concern include maintenance and outside vendors performing work on campus. It is the policy of the Capital Community College Department of Public Safety to act as the initial responder and then to assist City of Hartford authorities in the investigation of incidents involving hazardous materials, by participating in an incident based command operation.


Hazardous Materials Incident: Any discharge of chemical substance to the environment. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Discharge of oil or chemicals to the grounds of the college
  • Volatile or gaseous release of vapors
  • Fires or explosions involving hazardous materials

The communications officer will at once notify the Public Safety supervisor on duty and the Dean of Administration. 960 management and Magnet School officials will also be notified. The public safety supervisor will respond and access the situation. The Hartford Fire Department will be notified if deemed an actual Haz-Mat incident, and the supervisor will initiate a full or partial evacuation of the building. The dispatcher will stay on the phone with Hartford authorities and advise on the following:

  • Exact location of the incident
  • Number and extent of injuries
  • Nature of the incident

The Capital Community College Department of Public Safety will maintain a full copy of “MATERIAL DATA SAFETY SHEETS” for hazardous materials in the operations center to assist the first outside emergency responders. This set of material data safety sheets is in addition to the set already on file in the Chemistry/Biology labs.

A public safety officer will be assigned to stand by in front of the building to provide information and assist the first responding emergency units.


At the conclusion of the incident, a detailed public safety report will be completed and forwarded to the Officers of the college. The report will also be forwarded to the proper local and state authorities, including the Department of Environmental Protection. A copy will also be provided to the college Health & Safety committee. In a timely manner the incident will be re-examined to determine how to avoid, provide better response, or mitigate damage if such incident should happen again.

In every instance that involves any personal injury or presents any future threat to the college community, notification will be sent to inform the campus about the status of the incident. Notification will be sent in a timely manner by way of college ELECTRONIC MESSAGE BOARD or E-MAIL. This notification may be strictly for informational purpose, or it may contain important instructions for personal safety.

  • Stay calm
  • Instructors will evacuate the room of students at once
  • Instructors will familiarize themselves to the location and use of Personal Protection Equipment and emergency lab procedures
  • Do not try to fight any but the smallest of fires yourself
  • Immediately evacuate and alert authorities of the nature of the incident
  • Immediately notify authorities of injuries
  • Notify authorities of nature of spill
  • Do not hesitate to call public safety directly on the call boxes located near all elevators under the blue lights
  • In a larger fire, or explosion—Pull the alarm