Hart-Scan Radio Program Policy and Procedure


To maintain proper care, control, and radio procedure of the Hart-Scan Radio.


Officers will carry this radio as a co-operative effort to facilitate communication and response between the Hartford Police Department and the Capital Community College Department of Public Safety.


The HART-SCAN radio is a hand-held (portable) two-way communications device that is tuned to the same frequency as the Hartford Police department.


The radio and charger are to be stored in the office of the Master Sergeant until 1400 hours. At that time the radio may be carried by the second shift supervisor or assigned to an individual officer. The radio is to be returned to the Sergeant’s office at the end of a shift. Officers are not to speak on the radio with the exception of an emergency broadcast. This will include a situation where the officer or other person is being physically assaulted. Officers will use the radio to report serious crimes in progress or to summon an ambulance or report an accident that they have witnessed. This is only if no other means of communication is available or delay of the report would cause harm to a person. Under no circumstance outside of a physical assault on a Capital Community College Public Safety Officer or Hartford Police Officer will the red panic button be activated. Unnecessary activation may result in injury of emergency personal during a response.

*** A supervisor of this department will on a regular basis attend “SCAN” meetings. SCAN is a group of local business, Fire and Police, and Security professionals that meet on a regular basis to exchange information on issues affecting the downtown Hartford area.