Evacuation Policy


The purpose of this policy is to provide an orderly procedure to evacuate Capital Community College in the event of an emergency.


It is the policy of Capital Community College that responses to all emergencies will be conducted systematically and in a manner that gives primary consideration to the protection of human life.

A. SAFETY FAMILARIZATION—(proactive emergency preparation)
  • Locate the nearest exits from your location
  • Be familiar with the location of alarms
  • Prepare items for a quick grab and go, leave heavy items behind
  • Emergency call boxes are located under the blue lights and provide direct communications with Public Safety
  • Evacuation routes are posted on the walls near all elevators
  • White strobe lights will flash on each floor
  • Alarm horns will sound on each floor
  • An automatic voice message will be heard instructing evacuation
  • The floor initiating the alarm will be identified by Public Safety, and officers will be dispatched to the area

Capital Community College is equipped with fire prevention, detection, and suppression equipment, as well as a public address system.

  • The Central Fire Command Center is located at 960 Main Street on the Talcott Street side.
  • The public Address system can only be operated from the Central Fire Command Center
  • Fire panels are located on the first floor—operations center and the Police Sergeants office.

Smoke and heat detectors are located throughout the college. Fire alarm pull boxes are located next to each stairwell door. Fire extinguishers suitable for all classes of small fires are located on every floor.

  1. Stairwell “A”-This stairwell will exit onto Main Street. All people using these exits will cross the Street to Main and Talcott Street.
  2. Stairwell “B”-This stairwell will exit onto Talcott Street. All people using this stairwell will go to the lot area at Main Street and Talcott Street.
  3. Stairwell “D”- This stairwell will exit behind the Richardson/Marriott Residence Inn. People using this stairwell will go through the parking area and down to Market Street.
  4. Stairwell “D1”- This stairwell will exit onto Main Street. People using this stairwell will go south on Main Street toward State House Square.
  5. Stairwell “H”-The laboratory School will exit through Stairwell H and go down to Market Street.
  • Respond as directed by the alarm and/or Public Safety Officers or Floor Captains
    • Floor Captains are located at the central point of an area
    • Never question an alarm, Public Safety Officer or floor Captain
  • Leave the facility without delay, respectful of persons around you, by the nearest stairwell exit as directed by emergency evacuation signs and direction of Floor Captains.
    • Stay calm/quiet
    • Don’t use phones except to report an injured person or blocked escape route
    • Do not use elevators
  • Proceed to an area away from the building. Keep all building entrances clear for emergency personnel.
    • Laboratory School children outside for play are to be escorted from the play area through the gate to Market Street.
    • Children may be re-located to the Residence Inn on a temporary basis
    • Floor Captain for the Lab School will stand by until the all-clear is given
  • Handicapped persons must follow the instructions of the floor captain to a designated area.
    • After all personnel have exited the stairwells, the floor captains will bring all handicapped persons to the D1 stairwell, or to the area in front of elevator #11.
    • Floor Captains will stay with handicapped persons at the area of refuge. Public safety will notify the Operations Center of the location and number of special needs persons.
    • Public Safety will then evacuate handicapped persons in a timely manner.
    • The Master Sergeant will announce the “ALL-CLEAR’ for re-entry to the building.
  1. The Dean of administration and the Master Sergeant is responsible for meeting the Hartford Fire Department in the Central Fire Command Center at 9690 MAIN Street.
  2. Each floor will have designated staff members/Floor Captains, who will assist Public Safety and maintenance with an orderly building evacuation.
  3. Floor Captains will:
  • Check to make sure that all floors have been evacuated
  • Assist people to ensure an orderly evacuation
  • Assist persons with special needs to evacuate
  • Report on evacuation status of their assigned floor

***Each Floor Captain has been issued a reflective orange SECURITY vest
***Portable radios have been secured on each floor in the building for quick access by Floor Captains in the event of an emergency. Public Safety has been trained in the use of EVAC-U-TRAC chairs for the safe evacuation of special needs persons. Floor Captains have also receive periodic training from Public Safety regarding their duties during an emergency.