Early Childhood Lab School Evacuation Policy


To establish procedures for safe and orderly evacuation of the Early Childhood Lab School in the event of a fire or critical incident.


It shall be the policy of the Department of Public Safety to provide reasonable care and direction for all occupants of the Capital Community College in the event of an emergency. Public Safety will inspect the area and report all deficiencies to the proper authority for repair. However all employees will share the responsibility to properly maintain their workplace. Public Safety shall always be the highest priority.


Lab School Staff will gather the children together and lead them out of the Lab School West thru the playground. The Staff and children will then gather at the Residence Inn. At this time the Lab School Supervisor will perform a roll call attendance of Staff and children.

If emergency circumstance prevents the above method of evacuation then the following procedure is to be followed. Exit the main door of the Lab School. Proceed North (Straight) down the hall to the end. Turn left and exit stairwell H onto Talcott Street. Proceed to the intersection of Main Street and Talcott Street and gather together in the Parking Lot on Main Street. The Lab School supervisor will then perform a roll call.

It will be the Lab School supervisors’ responsibility to make all Staff aware of the policy and location of issued radio and reflective vests. The supervisor is to contact Public Safety and advise of conditions. Both escape routes are approved for students and staff with special needs. (i.e. wheelchairs) The Lab School supervisor on duty shall have discretion as to the safest route. The supervisor will take into consideration the following when making that decision; time of day, time of year, weather conditions, type and location of critical incident or drill, number of staff and children, safety of persons with special needs.