Crime Log Book Policy and Procedure

Effective immediately, all entries of a patrol or reports of any crime will be entered into the new daily crime log book.

Each shift will make the first entry a notation of the date and Officers on duty… The swing shift Officer will log only his own name and on-duty time. Officers will note any missing or damaged equipment in the book, prior to going on patrol.

Entries will include:

  • Building Checks
  • Garage and parking area checks
  • Patrol Assignments
  • Reports of Crimes
  • Calls for Service
  • Alarms

Reports of crimes will include the nature of the call, location of call, officers responding and disposition of the call.

Officers are reminded that this is an official log. All entries are a permanent record.

This log book is open for examination by any member of staff, students, or the public at any time during regular business hours.

Requests to view incidents that are more than 60 days prior will be delayed for a period of one business day.

Under no circumstance is this book to leave the control room. No part of this book is to be photocopied. Any violation will result in discipline.

This book is an official record that documents a major part of our work product. As such, all entries will be neat, professional, with proper spelling, and legible.