Complaints and Commendations Form Policy

Capital Community College welcomes commendations regarding officers of the department, as well as complaints of officer misconduct or violations of department policy. We place a high value on input from the public, in order to better serve the needs of the college.

Commendations and complaints may be directed to the Master Sergeant in person, phone, or writing. Commendations and complaints may also be filed with the Dean of Administration (860) 906-5050 or the Director of Human resources at (860) 906-5002.


Capital Community College expects a very high level of professional conduct from all officers. Our officers often perform their duties in an exceptional manner exceeding the high standards of the department. To commend an officer, a citizen can submit a letter or request to speak to a supervisor. The commendation will then be forwarded to the Director of Public Safety.


Capital Community College Department policy calls for prevention of misconduct. The purpose of this policy is to maintain the quality of police services to the highest professional standard, and to ensure future behavior that conforms to the goals and standards of the department. A complaint will be accepted in any form, in person, by letter, or phone. The complainant may remain anonymous. We ask that as much information as possible be given concerning the incident in question. Please include date, time, and officer name— if known. This will assist us to investigate. Complaints should be filed only by those who are directly involved or an eyewitness to an incident.

Actions Taken
  • All complaints will be investigated promptly by a supervisor
  • The complainant will be interviewed
  • The nature and facts of the incident will be documented
  • Results of the investigation will be reduced to writing
  • Results are reviewed by the Master Sergeant and Human Resource Director
  • The Officer is informed of the findings
  • The complainant is notified of the findings—in writing
  • Department Policy reviewed to correct and prevent similar future issues

It is the policy of Capital Community College that all complaints will be reviewed in a fair and impartial manner. All investigations will be fully documented and proper action taken resulting from the findings.

Actions Taken by the College may include

  • Positive Discipline—Training
  • New or revised Policy and Procedure
  • Negative Discipline
  • Recommendation to State’s Attorney in Criminal Investigations
  • No Action in complaints not sustained or false complaints