Bomb Threat and Search Policy and Procedure


To provide the college with a protocol for dealing with threatened bombings to include initial response, deployment, search, evacuation, and the assistance of specialized units from outside agencies.


It is the policy of the Capital Community College Department of Public Safety that all responses to bomb threats or emergencies will be conducted systematically and in a manner that gives primary consideration to the protection of human life. Although a high number of bomb threats are later determined to be hoaxes, they all present particularly serious response requirements for officers and should be handled accordingly.


Bomb Threat: A bomb threat condition exists when an explosive device has been reported or is suspected to be on the college campus or adjacent buildings or grounds.

Bomb Emergency: A bomb emergency exists when a suspected or actual explosive device has been located or detonated.


The following procedure is to be followed by all staff, students, professors, and members of public safety.

Upon receipt of a bomb threat or complaint from an individual who has received a bomb threat, gather as much information as possible. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Any information which will assist in identifying the caller or where the caller is telephoning from
  • The type, size, description, and location of the device
  • What will make it detonate and when will that will occur
  • The motive for placement of the device
  • Description of the person delivering the device

*** A checklist has been provided and is place near college phones

Public Safety will immediately dispatch one officer and one supervisor to the area. Dispatch will then notify the Hartford Police/Fire Departments of the threat. The dispatcher will stay on the phone with emergency services until they arrive to ensure current and factual relay of information.

Responding officers shall discontinue the use of all electronic communications devices such as radios, cellular telephones one floor above and below the device’s suspected location.

The President and Dean of Administration will be notified and briefed as soon as possible. The Dean will make a decision on evacuation of the building. The Dean of Administration and the Master Sergeant will then respond to the front of the building to await the arrival of the Fire Department. If the building is to be evacuated, the standard evacuation plan is to be followed. The announcement to evacuate will be broadcast via Public Address system. The fire alarm is not to be activated. Public Safety Officers with the assistance of Floor Captains will assist all special needs persons, and ensure an orderly and complete evacuation has been made.

If the decision is made to not evacuate, the building is to be systematically searched by public safety officers and maintenance personnel. This will be performed with the assistance of the Police/Fire Officers on scene.

In the absence of the Dean of Administration, evacuation decisions will be made by the ranking public safety officer on scene.

After 5:00 p.m. weekdays and on weekends the Evening Administrator will perform the duties of the Dean of Administration.