Policy for All-College Notification


To maintain clear lines of communication, and notifications procedures to the staff and students of the college in the event of an emergency.


It is the policy of this department to make timely notifications of all incidents that may affect the welfare of the college community. All-college e-mails are just one of the avenues used in this process. No officer will send any communications to the entire college without approval of a supervisor. Rank seniority will determine the officer responsible for college notifications in the absence of the Director.


The Master Sergeant is responsible for college notifications. In his absence, the lead officer on duty at the time of the incident is responsible for college notifications. If there is no lead officer on duty, the next senior officer will make every effort to contact a supervisor by phone. He will then notify the Dean of Administration and follow the instructions of the Dean.

  • No e-mails are to be sent all-college by any public safety officer except in an emergency situation or permission of the Master Sergeant
  • The Dean of Administration is to be notified prior to sending information whenever possible
  • The Director or Lead Officer on duty holds the ultimate responsibility for notifications and content