960 Main Co-operative Emergency Plan


To provide a standard protocol between 960 Main Street (a private enterprise) and Capital Community College for dealing with critical incidents, to include initial response, deployment, chain of command, communications, and reporting.


It is the policy of Capital Community College that responses to all emergencies will be conducted systematically and in a manner that gives primary consideration to the protection of human life.


Evacuation procedures for both sides will remain the same, except in the event of a blocked avenue of egress. In this instance patrons or students will be escorted out by way of the nearest clear exit with the help of security officers from both entities working in unison.


  • Immediate notification of all incidents that may affect the welfare of any person in this building
  • Lock down of all fire elevators on the first floor
  • Each side will be responsible for all cross-over exit doors on their side
  • Access to critical infra-structure areas to be provided to Public Safety Director or Chief Engineer
  • During an emergency communications will take place on a shared frequency radio channel
  • The Master Sergeant is the officer of the day in an emergency situation. If the Master Sergeant is not available, the lead officer on duty at Capital is in command of the joint operation until the arrival of City of Hartford Police/Fire.
  • Upon conclusion, all reports will be filed in a timely manner.
  • Reports, including video records will be available for each party, with the exception of critical information of an on-going investigation, and that information which is exempt by FERPA requirements.

***A joint de-briefing of the incident detailing causes, mitigation actions taken, and recommendations will take place as soon as is practicable after the incident.