Message from the Director

Officer Joel White


Welcome to the webpage of the Capital Community College Department of Police/Public Safety. Every Police Officer and Public Safety Officer has made a commitment to provide the very best service possible. I pledge this Department will maintain the highest standards of performance, with transparency and encouraging an open dialogue to form positive and meaningful relationships through an open door policy.

This webpage is a resource guide for you. Here, you will find a compilation of important information about the Campus Police Department, the many services we offer to the campus community, our Policies and Procedures, as well as safety tips that we hope will be valuable in the event of an emergency. Please familiarize yourself with these procedures and through them, your responsibilities during emergencies.

Through a process of constant training, input from the campus community and routine re-evaluation, we strive to continually improve in order to anticipate the rapidly changing needs of the College and the greater community. We thank each of you for your involvement and support of our efforts.

Joel White
Interim Director/
Master Sergeant