Student Use Of College Computer Labs


Some computer labs are reserved for classroom instruction during certain parts of the day. In this case, ONLY students enrolled in that class are allowed to use the lab, except with the instructor’s permission. “Open Labs” are scheduled times of the day when labs are not scheduled for classroom instruction.

Open Labs are available for academic use to the following groups in this order:

  1. CCC Students
  2. CCC Faculty and Staff
  3. CCC (HSTC and GHCC Alumni – Proof of ID and or Graduation is required)
  4. Retirees of the College

Additional computers for student use are located in the Library. All computer facilities shall be used solely for legitimate and authorized academic purposes. Students using computer resources for any unauthorized illegitimate or illegal use will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action, including, but not limited to, the loss of computing privileges, disciplinary action, and/or criminal prosecution. Please review the Student Handbook, Section 3.2.2, page 50; for a list of examples of unauthorized computer use.

Following are some examples of unauthorized illegitimate or illegal use of computer labs:

  1. Copying software from or to college computer systems
  2. Attempting to modify, repair, or disconnect equipment
  3. Using computer facilities for personal monetary profit
  4. Using another person’s computer (NetID) account
  5. Deliberately intending to harm another individual or entity
  6. Gaining unauthorized access to College computer programs or files
  7. Deliberately disrupting the operation of College computer systems which server other members of the College community, including all networks to which the College computers are connected
  8. Using College computer systems and network for committing crimes, violating civil laws, or College/System rules and policies

General Guidelines:

  1. NO EATING or DRINKING in the Computer Labs.
  2. CHILDREN are NOT ALLOWED on campus computers. Computer labs are for Student groups mentioned above.
  3. Please remove disruptive children from the lab.
  4. NOISE LEVELS are expected to be kept at reasonable, “Classroom”, levels. NO active MUSIC or VIDEO’s are to be played without appropriate personal EARPHONES. Audio should not be disruptive to others in the lab.

Failure to abide by these rules will result in your removal from the lab. Repeat offenders will face additional action as described in The Student Handbook, Section 3.2.2

★ Germicidal Wipes are available for use at the Center Student PC Lab Support area on the 6th