Student FAQs


Please take the time to familiarize yourself with Login FAQs on the page.  There is a wealth of information designed to assist you in being self-sufficient as a CT Community College Student.  Use the Search text box to look for specific information such as, Recommended Browsers, Initial Password, NetID Lookup, Printing a Class Schedule, Requesting a Transcript, Logging into Student E-mail, Forwarding Student E-mail to another E-mail, Access Student E-mail on your Mobile Device, etc.

IT Services is available to assist with on campus PC, Logon, Networking, Printer and Printing issues.  We will also attempt to assist individuals, who have already been accepted as Students, with and Student e-mail logon questions.  We do not provide service and support for personal devices (laptops, home computers, phones, etc.).  We will assist you in finding information regarding your personal device on the site.


Key points to remember:

  • Your password is the Initial password if you are a “First Time, New student who has never taken a course at a CT Community College”, nor have you ever logged in to or a campus PC.
  • You cannot logon to until you have been “Accepted” as a Student by Enrollment Services.
    • Receiving a notice from Financial Aid to logon to does not mean that you have been “Accepted” as a student.
    • Direct all inquiries about the status of your application to Enrollment Services.
  • Students who are not able to login to myCommnet
    • To request a Transcript, print and mail in the completed form found under Transcript Request link on the college’s main webpage.
    • Direct Transcript inquiries to Enrollment Services.
  • Contact the Welcome Center or Enrollment Services if you are applying to Capital Community College as a New or Re-admit (haven’t taken a course in 2 years) Student.
  • If you are a new Student, your Student E-mail is created within 24 hours of you being “Accepted” to the college. Student E-mail logon information is provided to you by Enrollment Services but can also be found on
  • You are responsible for establishing a Security Question & Answer and current Personal E-mail address for the purpose of resetting your password in a timely manner.
  • Self-service Kiosks are available on each floor on campus to assist you with resetting your password.
  • Use the Password link on the page to assist you with resetting your password off campus.
  • Recommended Browsers for your personal devices can be found under Login FAQs on

Before you call IT Services for assistance with logging in to myCommnet please have the following information available:

  • NetID
  • Last 4 digits of your Social Security Number
  • Date you were “Accepted” to the college (New Students)
  • Browser Version on Computer (if experiencing computer difficulties)

When logged on to your personal computer click Browser Version to see Browser and other Configuration information.

Please make sure there isn’t a lot of noise in the background and that you are able to focus on the call when calling IT Services.