Staff Computer Logon Policy

All computer users are required to logon to computers using their individual NetID and password.  COMPUTERS WILL NOT BE ACCESSIBLE WITHOUT YOUR NetID!

What is my NetID?


If you are staff, your NetID is composed of the following two items:

  • Username: 8 Digit BannerID (without the “@”)
  • Domain: @CCC.COMMNET.EDU*

Example: A staff member with a BannerID of @87654321, will have the following NetID:


*If your account originated at another college you would use that domain (MCC, MxCC, GWCC, etc.) instead of CCC, if an account move was not requested prior to your start date.

What is my initial password?

Initial Password

The initial password for all new NetIDs will be based on a combination of personal information (birth date and social security number). Specifically, the following three items will make up the initial password:

  1. 1st three characters of birth month (with first letter capitalized)
  2. Ampersand character – &
  3. Last 4 digits of Social Security Number

So, for a user with a birth date on 10/24/79 and social security number of 123-45-6789, then the initial password would be:


NOTE: You will be forced to change your password the first time you logon.

Initial Password

If you have ever logged on to computer at any of the 12 community colleges or on to myCommnet (as a student, staff or adjunct) your password is not the initial password; it will be what you last used to logon.  If you do not know your password you must visit the Service Desk window at suite 601 to have it reset.  You must know your NetID and a photo ID is required to reset a Staff password.

What is the password criterion?

Password Criteria

When composing a password, it must adhere to the following standards:

  • Passwords must be a minimum of eight (8) characters.
  • Passwords must be complex and difficult to guess. (strong passwords must be used)
  • Password must not be reused. (verified against a password history file that is set to the maximum size that the system supports)
  • Password must be changed every ninety (90) days. (maximum lifetime)

When using a user account, the following standards must be enforced:

  • User accounts must be locked out for a period of time (20 minutes) after a maximum of five (5) unsuccessful attempts to gain access to a user account.
  • IT Services CANNOT unlock NetID accounts.  You can come to the Service Desk with a photo ID to request a Password Reset if you do not know your password.
  • If any part of the logon process (User ID, Password, etc.) is incorrect, the user must not be given specific feedback indicating the source of the problem. Instead, the user must simply be informed that the entire logon process was incorrect.
  • Passwords issued by a password administrator must be pre-expired, forcing the user to choose another password before the logon process is completed.
  • Passwords must not be reset by a password administrator without the user first providing definitive evidence substantiating his or her identity.
  • Passwords issued by a password administrator must be unique and must be sent via a communications channel other than the channel used to log-in to the system.
  • Passwords must never be shared or revealed to anyone other than the authorized person. Passwords must not be written down on any medium.
  • Passwords must immediately be changed if the user suspects their user ID or password has been disclosed to an unauthorized person or if a system has been compromised or is under the suspicion of having been compromised.

General Logon Information

General Information

  • Never log another user on to a campus computer using your NetID.  It’s a Violation of Board Policy and you will be held accountable for all activity done using your credentials.
  • To avoid profile and data corruption it is advised to only log on to one computer at a time.
  • Staff members who are logged in can change their password by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Delete and selecting Change a Password.