Self-Service Kiosks & Password Resets

Faculty & Students

Faculty and Students can use any self-service kiosks located throughout the building to:

  • Reset Forgotten Password
  • Look up a NetID
  • Verify a NetID
  • Change Security E-mail Address
  • Access myCommnet

E-mail is NOT Accessible via Self-Service Kiosks.


Two password Reset options are available

  • Reset Password via E-mail

You must be able to access your personal e-mail address via your phone or personal device to use this option on campus.

  • Reset Password with Security Q & A

Faculty and Students who are unable to reset their password can seek assistance in the following areas:

Department Location & Phone
Credit Students Enrollment Services Room 207
(860) 906-5140
Continuing Ed Students Continuing Ed Room 316
(860) 906-5130
Faculty and Students IT Services Window Photo ID required Room 601
(860) 906-5252

Self-service Kiosks are available in the following locations:

Second Floor

(Printing Available)

Near Placement Testing and Center area near Counseling
Third Floor In front of elevators
Fourth Floor Near ESL receptionist
Fifth Floor

(Printing Available)

Library Reference Desk
Sixth Floor In front near elevators, Center Student PC Lab support area
Seventh Floor Center PC area
Floors 8 – 11 Center cluster, facing windows



Staff Password Resets must be done in Person at the Service Desk window in Suite 601.  You must show a photo ID.  No exceptions.