IT Customer Service Procedure

General Statement

The Information Technology Department (IT) seeks to limit the down time in Academic Affairs, Student Services, and Administrative areas due to computer and telephone problems.  The IT Department utilizes a coordinated process to address the College’s technology inquiries and requests as outlined in this document.

I. Service Process

To report Telephone or Computer issues to the Service Desk use one of the following two methods:

  • E-mail:
  • Phone: x5252

If the matter is not urgent, please send the request or report the problem via e-mail to keep the Service Desk phone lines free for issues that may need an immediate response.

When reporting a problem or making a request, please include the following:

  1. Name & NetID
  2. Phone number
  3. Description of problem or request
  4. Location of the problem or request
  5. Computer Name (for PC issues)

IT Staff will log each e-mail and phone call using Service Desk software which will generate a time and date stamped work order.  This logging method allows us to organize and coordinate work orders for service assignment, monitoring, and for analysis of historical data.

II. Attendant Response Chart

Support Level Description Estimated Response Time
Support Level 1 Loss of network access or a computer lab, or server functionality. Within 1 business hour
Support Level 2 Loss of capability to perform job duties but confined to a single department or user. Within 4 business hours
Support Level 3 Isolated computer and computer related type equipment/software issues and multi function privilege setups. Within 5 business days
Support Level 4 Installations that are time sensitive to engage in a planned activity. Within two weeks of request, or agreed time to complete for planned activity.
Support Level 5 Improvements general upgrades installations (software or hardware) where there is no hindrance of instruction or services. Best effort or as time allows within prioritization of lower levels.


During peak times, typically at the beginning and near the end of the semester, the estimated response time may increase by 2 business hours – 2 business days.

Business days and hours are defined as Monday thru Friday from 7am – 5pm.

IT support is available between 5:00pm – 8:00pm Monday thru Thursday (Friday 7:30 pm and Saturday 1:00pm – 3:00pm); however, this time is not included in the Attendant Response Chart.

If IT does not address the work order within two days of the estimated response time, you may call the Service Desk where staff will verify the response time has elapsed and log your call.  If confirmed that the estimated time has elapsed by more than two business days, the Service Desk will provide a specific appointment time within one business day.

Generally, IT will prioritize academic instructional related issues above all others, with the exception of major student and administrative events and time sensitive projects.

The IT office created the Attendant Response Chart based on an analysis of past and current IT inquiries and the severity of those inquiries.  It is possible that staffing, at any time, will be limited due to leaves and or major priorities requiring the attention of all or most of the IT personnel causing deviation from the Attendant Response Chart.