Classroom FAQs

Faculty\Instructors are strongly encouraged to familiarize themselves with Classroom Equipment and to successfully logon to a campus PC, prior to the start of class.

Academic Media Services is available to assist with Classroom Technology support, Blackboard and other Academic Media needs. Room 1031 (860) 906-5030
Maintenance is available for heating, cooling, cleanliness of the room, etc. Room 701A (860) 906-5070
IT Services is available to assist you with PC, Networking and Computer Logon issues. Room 601 (860) 906-5252

Public Safety is available to assist with Classroom disruptions and Opening Doors. Room 102 (860) 906-5075

Academic Media Services – Classroom Technology Support

Visit Academic Media Services’ Classroom Technology page to get an overview of Instructor station equipment and to see short how-to videos for common classroom tasks.

Intro to the Classroom gives you detailed, clear information (including visuals) for each piece of equipment in the classroom. Included are very simple steps for connecting a laptop to the Instructor station.

To ensure that you are able to project and have audio, if needed when using your laptop, we recommend that you come prepared with your own VGA and Audio cables. Limited supplies are available in AMS on a first come first serve basis that must be returned after your lecture.

Please review Common Classroom Mistakes and other helpful information regarding the classroom.

Blackboard support for Faculty and Students can be found by visiting the Academic Media Technology site.

IT Services – PC and Networking Issues Support

Please note that the IT department does not create or activate NetID accounts. NetID’s are created, made active and made in-active by the hiring process. The IT Department does not provide individuals with their NetID.

NetID Lookups can be done from any Self-Service Kiosk located throughout the building (Center Main Street Side) or via the web utility on the page.

If you are unable to lookup your NetID, please follow-up with your Supervisor or the person who handles your contract. Students should follow-up with the department that admitted them to the college – Enrollment Services or Continuing Education.

Initial Password information can also be found on under Login FAQs

First 3 letters of birth month, First Letter only is Capitalized, “&” and last 4 digits of SSN. Initial Password Example: June and SSN 876-54-3210 – Jun&3210

Classroom FAQs Continued

Students\Faculty who have previously logged in to or onto a CT Community College computer, who do not remember their password, can:

  • Use the Password Reset Utility via (off campus)
  • Use any Self-Service Kiosk located on each floor (Main Street side of building; in front of elevators on floors 3 & 6 and near ESL receptionist desk on floor 4).
  • Additional help for Students is available in the sixth floor IT Student Lab Support Center area.
  • Faculty members & Students who need additional assistance can visit the Service Desk window, Suite 601. Photo ID required. Students can also get assistance on the second floor at the Enrollment Services window.
  • Continuing Ed Instructors & Students can also follow-up with Continuing Education.

General Guidelines:

  • Do not log on to more than one PC at a time to avoid profile issues.
  • Perform a Start, Shutdown, Restart when logging off of a PC to clear the cache and memory.
  • Do not SAVE files or Install programs or add-ins to the Desktop. This will increase the size of and slow down the loading of your profile.
  • Faculty members are encouraged to logon to Faculty PCs only to avoid profile corruption.
  • Adjuncts can access e-mail via or via
  • Experiencing difficulty logging in to Attempt to login to myCommnet to see if you are prompted to change your password.
  • Grades are entered via on the Faculty
  • Final Exam Schedule is located at the Registrar’s site.

Troubleshooting & Reporting Problems

We ask that you reboot the PC to clear the cache and refresh the network connection if you are experiencing the following:

  • No logon Server Services are Available
  • PC Runs Slow
  • Temporary Profile Loads

Prior to contacting IT or Academic Media Services to report that the PC will not power on, please check to make sure that the:

  1. Main System Power Switch (Black Box) is powered on
  2. PC (CPU) is powered on (If on, you should see a Blue light in front of the PC)

When reporting problems please be prepared to provide the following information:

  1. Your Name (NetID) & Room Number
  2. A Description of the Error\Message being displayed OR your Request
  3. You may be asked to provide the PC Name (Start, right-click Computer, click Properties)

If no one answers the phone please leave a brief message. Do not hang up and call back.

IT Services will make every effort to assist you over the phone or remotely by connecting to the PC. Please be prepared to the information requested (A, B, & C).

Students login to Student E-mail using their NetID and NetID Password. The initial dialog box accepts the NetID and redirects the student to a second dialog box to enter the NetID and the NetID Password.

Please make sure that you are familiar with the Community College’s IT Computer Use Polices

Please No Food or Drinks in the Computer Labs