Communication Media LabsTV (Studio Room 1027)

  • Used for classes in television production, photography, and public speaking — and for professional use by the Academic Media Technology department
  • 1,700 square feetCommunication-Media-Sutio-Pic
  • Audience area seats up to 50 depending on “stage” layout and equipment demands
  • 3 Panasonic camcorder/ studio cameras and 2 Ikegami studio cameras connection to Control Room
  • 3 cameras with TelePrompTer
  • 1 Ikegami “skycam”
  • Digitally controlled lighting system with fresnel, scoop, cyc, set, and other lighting instruments
  • Wireless and wired microphones
  • “CBS Grey” cyclorama
  • Black, Blue, and Chroma Green curtains
  • Connected to TV Control Room (below)

TV Control Room (Room 1031-B)

  • 16-channel Grass Valley Kayak digital video switcher and effects generatorCommunication-Media-Student-in-Studio
  • 16-channel audio mixer with microphone processing units
  • CD and DAT audio source with capability to dub from cassette or LP
  • Intercom system connected to studio
  • DVCPro/25 & 50 videocassette format recording with capability to dub to DVD-R disc, VHS, SuperVHS, BetacamSP, or even U-Matic (3/4″) videotape.

Final Cut Pro Multimedia Lab (Room 1001)

  • 4 student Macs with Final Cut Studio and Adobe Photoshop software
  • Ability to project from instructor’s Mac for instruction and presentation

Communication Digital Imaging Lab (Room 401)

  • 17 student PCs with flatbed scanners, Microsoft Office, and Adobe Photoshop CS5 software
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