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myCTState is the new student information system for CT State Community College for all transactions pertaining to Fall 2023. Search for classes, register for the fall semester, transfer in credits, and more. Go to to log in with your NetID and password.

Fall Registration

If you have a balance over $500 at any of the Connecticut community colleges, you will not be able to register for Fall 2023 at your home campus or any other CT State campus. Please contact the Bursar’s/Cashier’s office or the Financial Aid office for assistance as soon as possible.

Communication Media LabsTV (Studio Room 1027)

  • Used for classes in television production, photography, and public speaking — and for professional use by the Academic Media Technology department
  • 1,700 square feetCommunication-Media-Sutio-Pic
  • Audience area seats up to 50 depending on “stage” layout and equipment demands
  • 3 Panasonic camcorder/ studio cameras and 2 Ikegami studio cameras connection to Control Room
  • 3 cameras with TelePrompTer
  • 1 Ikegami “skycam”
  • Digitally controlled lighting system with fresnel, scoop, cyc, set, and other lighting instruments
  • Wireless and wired microphones
  • “CBS Grey” cyclorama
  • Black, Blue, and Chroma Green curtains
  • Connected to TV Control Room (below)

TV Control Room (Room 1031-B)

  • 16-channel Grass Valley Kayak digital video switcher and effects generatorCommunication-Media-Student-in-Studio
  • 16-channel audio mixer with microphone processing units
  • CD and DAT audio source with capability to dub from cassette or LP
  • Intercom system connected to studio
  • DVCPro/25 & 50 videocassette format recording with capability to dub to DVD-R disc, VHS, SuperVHS, BetacamSP, or even U-Matic (3/4″) videotape.

Final Cut Pro Multimedia Lab (Room 1001)

  • 4 student Macs with Final Cut Studio and Adobe Photoshop software
  • Ability to project from instructor’s Mac for instruction and presentation

Communication Digital Imaging Lab (Room 401)

  • 17 student PCs with flatbed scanners, Microsoft Office, and Adobe Photoshop CS5 software
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