Theatre Arts

The Theatre Arts Associate in Arts Degree will prepare graduates for entry-level employment in various aspects of theatre production, such as stage and production management, stagecraft (i.e. technical aspects of theatre such as lighting, sound, set, costume), as well as performance. The program also provides a variety of opportunities to transfer to four year colleges and universities, to a Connecticut State University including the CSCU Transfer Ticket. Utilizing place-based instruction, the Theatre Arts program is intimately connected to a variety of professional theaters in Hartford, giving our students a unique, immersive, and hands-on approach that links classroom study with practical experience. Students will be taught by theatre professionals from such institutions as Hartford Stage, TheaterWorks, HartBeat Ensemble and Sea Tea Improv.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Perform various job responsibilities of live theatre production through practical, hands-on, place-based experience
  2. Demonstrate effective oral, written, and interpersonal communication, collaboration, goal-oriented problem solving, and time-management skills
  3. Develop poise, confidence, and stage presence through formal and/or informal performance
  4. Cultivate an aesthetic appreciation of the theatre through active engagement with live performance and creative expression
  5. Identify and critically evaluate the history, trends, and diverse cultural perspectives in theatre
  6. Recognize and reflect critically upon the ethical dimensions of drama as a social, cultural, and political art form that responds to and impacts society
  7. Create community-based theatre experiences through collaboration with local theatre companies and/or surrounding communities
FIRST SEMESTER (15-16 Credits) Credits
THR* 102 Theatre History 3
THR* 110 Acting I 3
ENG* 101 Composition 3
____ ___ Science Elective 3-4
____ ___ Social Science Elective 3
THR* 112 Voice and Diction 3
THR* 120 Stagecraft 3
ENG* 102 Literature and Composition 3
HIS* History Elective 3
____ ___ Free Elective¹ 3
THR* 210 Acting II 3
THR* 230 or
THR* ___
Playwriting or
Theatre elective²
THR* 190 Theatre Practicum/Internship 3
MAT* 104 or
Quantitative Reasoning (or higher math course) 3
____ ____ Free Elective¹ 3
THR* 115 or
____ ____
Improvisation or
Theatre elective
THR* 290 or THR* ___ Theatre Practicum/Internship or Theatre Elective 3
THR* ___ Theatre elective² 3
ENG* 2__ Literature elective (200-level) 3
____ ____ Free Elective¹ 3

¹ Free elective recommendations for those considering theatre management or other non-performance tracks as a career: BMK 201 Principles of Marketing, BMK 123 Principles of Customer Service, BMG 202 Principles of Management, BES 118 Small Business Management

Other free elective recommendations: COM 154 Film Study and Appreciation, ART 100 Art Appreciation, 200-level English courses including Short Story, Poetry, Creative Writing, Contemporary Literature, Latin American Literature, African-American Literature, American Literature, Music, etc.

² Theatre elective options may include, but are not limited to the following: THR 230 Playwriting, THR 115 Improvisation, Theatre Practicum/Internship (THR 290), ENG 214 Drama, THR 225 Directing, Theatre Education, and other theatre courses to be developed. Students within the program are encouraged to take a variety of theatre courses to explore their own interests and career paths.


Julia Rosenblatt
Theatre Program Coordinator
Room 1114
(860) 906-5206

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Theatre Arts