Student Videos

Student Video Productions


COM-242 Advanced Broadcast/TV Production
“The 30-second Spot” Project
Students are required to write, produce, shoot, and edit a 30- or 60-second TV commercial or PSA.
image001 Be Informed
A Public Service Announcement warning parents about the dangers of underage drinking.
Producer: Leila Jones
Length: 50 seconds
May 2007
 image002 Creme de la Mer
Stay young forever with this facial beauty cream.
Producer: Araceli Salazar
Length: 30 seconds
May 2007
image003 CSN
Don’t miss the Capital Student News live webcast.
Producer: Henry Vivar
Length: 60 seconds
May 2007
image004 Decepitrax
Suffering from psychosomatic pain? Ask your doctor about Decepitrax.
Producer: Anthony Espinoza
Length: 60 seconds
May 2007
 image005 Literacy Volunteers
Early childhood literacy promotes learning for a lifetime.
Producer: Rich Dean
Length: 30 seconds
May 2007
 image006 Sierra Mist
The soft drink worth fighting for.
Producer: Effrem J. Adams
Length: 60 seconds
May 2007
 image007 Use the Stairs
A Public Service Announcement encouraging you to not be lazy.
Producer: Leonardo Santana
Length: 60 seconds
May 2007
COM-241 Television Production
“The Show”
Students learn by working together as a production crew to write, produce, and deliver individual, 5-minute live in-studio presentations.  At the end of the semester, the student crew selects representative projects to produce a half-hour magazine-style show with live “anchors” and tape roll-ins.
 image008 Smart Start
The Fall 2006 class focused on the theme of offering tips to work smart in college and to improve time management skills.  Join them for “Cap 4-1-1: Library director Carl Antonucci” (Leila Jones); “Empowerment: Business Internship instructor and Phi Theta Kappa advisor Nancy LaGuardia” (Stacey Copeland); “Eating Cheap at College” (Anthony Espinoza); and, “The Art of Shaving” (Leonardo Santana).
Host: Stacey Copeland
30 minutes
 image009 Cue Talent
Students from Spring 2006 “put it all together” with a magazine-style show featuring some of their semester projects: “Face in the Crowd: Student film producer Effrem Adams” (Producer: Lillie Lavado); “Face in the Crowd: Terry Mahon, college student and U.S. Army National Guardsman” (Rich Dean); “The Perfect ‘Do” (Lillie Lavado); and, “March Madness” (Terrance Ranel).
Hosts: Rochelle Williams & Terrance Ranel
30 minutes
 image010 @Capital
The Spring 2001 class produced one episode of the College’s monthly cable magazine show. Their projects featured Downtown Hartford, including: “Open Mic Night with Artists Junxion” (Producer: James Johnson); “The Old State House” (Aloysius Tamale); “Drowned Youth” (Lyska Benetiz-Echeagaray); and a Student Editorial (Alice Heywood). Note: Since this was a small class, students shot their projects on location OR in the studio, and worked with their instructor to edit them into final packages.
Host: Giovanni Andino
30 minutes