Why Family and Child Studies?

Family studies and child studies programs are an important presence across the country. Our development as humans and strong families are the foundation for healthy communities and societies. Families today are confronted with different challenges (e.g., divorce, unemployment, illness, aging, poverty, death, disabilities, etc.). Professionals in this discipline help families identify and use resources to promote optimal development and find solutions to their problems using a multi-disciplinary approach (e.g., human development, family relations, family economics, community relations and resource management).

This program is for students interested in working with individuals, families and children in settings such as family service agencies, family service departments of hospitals and clinics, counseling agencies, schools, consumer agencies, nursing homes, adolescents’ and children’s residencies, day care centers, departments of social services, child guidance clinics, family resource centers, parent education programs, family court systems, youth service organizations, community services, juvenile corrections, non-profit organizations, etc. This degree is also recommended for those wishing to obtain a baccalaureate or graduate degree in family studies, consumer studies, human development, social work, marriage and family counseling, or education.


The degree option is interdisciplinary in nature. Student’s in this degree option gain an insightful and holistic perspective of humans and the family as societal units a curriculum in the social sciences such as psychology, sociology, and education is presented.

The degree option at Capital Community in Family and Child Studies (FCS) is a collaboration between Social Services and Early Childhood Education programs in the Department of Social Sciences. The degree option requires the completion of 60-61 credits, including general college curriculum and courses specific to the degree program that specializes in family, education, human development and consumer sciences.


The mission of the Family and Child Studies degree option is to prepare students to gain knowledge of human development and family studies concepts and theories, and to apply the current and emerging knowledge and best practices to enhance the wellbeing of individuals, families and communities.

Program Goals

The Goals of the degree option are:
1. to prepare graduates to be competent family life educators and to obtain entry-level positions in child, family and social services and programs
2. to prepare students to become effective critical thinkers.
3. to enable students to develop effective oral and written communication skills.
4. to develop individuals who are prepared to use best practices and literature to evaluate and understand issues, challenges, and appropriate resolutions.
5. to enable students to understand the role of cultural diversity in their profession.
6. to develop individuals who are able to demonstrate collaboration and teamwork, positive attitudes towards work, ethical and professional demeanor, and leadership skills.
7. to enable students to use 21st century learning skills, literacy skills and life skills.

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Josiah Ricardo
Program Coordinator
Social Services
Room 1016
(860) 906-5233

Marsha Bryant, Ed.D.
Room TS01D
(860) 906-5236

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