College of Technology (Data Science Option)

The Technology Studies – Data Science Option A.S. degree program prepares students to transfer into a B.S. degree in Data Science, Computer Science, or Technology Management. Graduates will acquire a strong background in mathematics, statistics, data literacy, computer programming, and general education courses for transfer into a four-year program. Graduates will also develop competencies in statistical analysis and data analytics which may enable them to enter the workforce as data analysts, data scientists, database administrators and statistical assistants.

The program provides students exposure to key elements of data science including data structures and data sources, programming languages, statistical principles, computing and analytics, data management, machine learning tools, and data science applications.

Students acquire a thorough understanding of data science principles. This includes: (a) learning about the fundamental skills and roles of a data scientist, (b) applying methods and techniques commonly used in data science for obtaining, organizing, exploring, and analyzing data, and (c) recognizing how data analysis, inferential statistics, and modeling can be used to investigate and answer questions involving data. Students will obtain the computational, quantitative and critical thinking abilities needed to make sense of data and drawing reasonable conclusions from the analysis of data.

Data Science Option Flyer