Associate Degree in Communication Media

Enter the World of Media and Broadcasting

The Associate Degree Program in Communication Media prepares students for careers in the media production industry, or for transfer to a baccalaureate-granting institution. These careers include positions such as Producer, Director, Media Computer Specialist, Video Editor, Broadcast/Media Equipment Technician, Camera Operator, Reporter, and Photographer. Students have the opportunity to gain practical experience through internship placements at area media outlets. The degree program prepares graduates by developing oral and written communication abilities, a sense of visual composition, facility in computer applications for media design and interactive programming, and experience using technology such as video production equipment, film and digital still cameras, computer-based graphics workstations, and complex digital media production and editing systems.

ENG* 101 Composition    3 credits 3
ENG* 102 Literature & Composition 3
COM* 158 Art Requirement: Intro to Digital Photography 3
COM* 173 Public Speaking 3
PSY* 111 General Psychology I 3
 ___ ___ Humanities Elective
(Art, Music, English, Foreign Languages, Philosophy)
 ___ ___ Mathematics Elective 3-4
 ___ ___ Science Elective 4
COM* 101 Introduction to Mass Communication 3
COM* 105 Introduction to Visual Communication 3
COM* 154 Film Study & Appreciation 3
COM* 241 Television Production 3
COM* 295 Internship I 3
 ___ ___ CSA*xxx    CSA*105, CSA*163, or CSA*205 3
IDS 105 College Success Course 3
PSY* 247
PSY* 253
Industrial & Organizational Psychology OR
Multicultural Issues in Psychology
SOC* 101 Principles of Sociology    3 credits
COMMUNICATION (Flex Electives) (9 Credits)
COM* 113 Social Media In Contemporary Society 3
COM* 121 Journalism 3
COM* 225 Intro to Photojournalism 3
COM* 242 Advanced Broadcast/TV Production 3
COM* 275 Argument and Debate 3
COM* 287 Advanced Media Production 3
COM* 299 Independent Study 3
Communication course taken at another college or university You must submit a transcript from the other institution.  Transfer credits must be approved at Capital by your Academic Advisor and the Counseling office.
Another course at Capital Community College that is related to Communication which helps fill your transfer or career goals Requires Approval of Academic Advisor and Program Director
(LIMIT: 1 course)
CSA* 155 – Multimedia Communications
CST* 150 – Web Design & Development I
CST* 250 – Web Design & Development II
ENG* 281 – Creative Writing
HIS* 202 –   U.S. History II
POL* 101 – Intro to Political Science
POL* 111 – American Government
POL* 112 – State & Local Government
POL* 293 – Connecticut Legislative Internship