Credit for Prior Learning

What is Prior Learning Assessment? (PLA)

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) provides students with the opportunity to earn credit for learning acquired outside of the traditional classroom. In order to receive academic credit, you must be able to prove and demonstrate that you have developed college level knowledge.

Note that Credit for Prior Learning may not be transferable to other institutions. In order to be a awarded a degree or certificate at Capital Community College, a student must complete at least 25% of the minimum credit requirements for the degree or certificate through coursework at Capital; and no more than 50% of an approved Associate degree program should be awarded Prior Learning credit.

Types of PLAs available at Capital Community College:

College Level Examination Program (CLEP) – offers you the opportunity to earn college credit by getting qualifying scores on any of 33 CLEP examinations. See and our clep page for detailed information.

Credit by Examination – Capital will grant academic credit for certain courses based upon the successful completion of an examination, rather than traditional classroom experience. See the appropriate faculty member or Department Chair for more information and the credit by examination page for facts about the process.

Credential Evaluation – Gain credit for previously completed certifications or licenses issued by state, national or professional organizations. For information on options available for your major, please contact the appropriate faculty member or Department Chair.

Military Experience – Veterans may obtain transfer credit for training successfully completed in the U.S. Armed Forces, provided the training is deemed to be equivalent and applicable to a student’s specific degree or certificate program. Army, Marine Corps, Navy and Coast Guard students can request a transcript through the Joint Service Transcript at Air Force personnel should submit requests to Community College of the Air Force at Contact Capital’s Veterans Affairs Counselor for an appointment after you submit the request.

Faculty Reviewed Non-Credit Programs – You may receive credit for learning acquired in non-credit programs that have gone through a faculty review process. Many non-credit programs offered outside traditional academic settings have been reviewed by the Connecticut Credit Assessment Program (CCAP) and the College Credit Recommendation Service of the American Council on Education. Please see appropriate faculty member or Department Chair to inquire about a specific program.

Advanced Placement of High School Students – Capital accepts Advanced Placement (AP) courses taken in high school through the College Entrance Examination Board’s Advanced Placement Program, provided that the student scores a minimum of 3 on the test. See the advanced placement page for more information.

Credit through Portfolio Assessment – If you feel that you have experience/education that occurred outside of the traditional college classroom, and outside of training that has been formally reviewed for credit, there is an option for portfolio assessment: a collection of materials compiled to demonstrate previous college-level learning related to your academic degree plan. This option requires students to work with Charter Oak State College for a fee. Prior learning is assessed through Charter Oak and once credit is established, Capital will use the credit as part of the transfer evaluation process, transferring in credit appropriate to the student’s program of study. Please see the Charter Oak Portfolio website for more information: