Child Development Associate Credential (CDA Training)

This accelerated training is designed for the childcare worker who wants to learn the basic principles of early childhood education. The four courses in this program are about the development of young children and strategies for providing high quality childcare.


Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduates will be able to:

  1. Identify appropriate teacher strategies in all thirteen functional areas: safety, health, learning environment, physical, communication, creative, self, social, guidance, families, program management and professionalism
  2. Demonstrate understanding of early childhood principles by applying their knowledge through their interactions with children’s activities and demonstrate that they can apply what they have learned in early childhood
  3. Demonstrate knowledge about NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct and Developmentally Appropriate Practices by using effective approaches, strategies, and tool for early education
  4. Students will be guided through each step which includes:
    • Development of a professional resource guide
    • Distribution and collection of Parent Questionnaires
    • Identification of an early childhood professional who is eligible to serve as your Professional Development Specialist
    • Preparation for the written CDA Assessment
    • Preparation for the Oral Situational Review
ECE* 176 Health, Safety, and Nutrition 3
ECE* 180 Child Development Associate Credential I 3
ECE* 181 Child Development Associate Credential II 3
______ Fine Arts Elective 3

Miriam Mercado M.Ed.
Assistant Professor, ECE
CDA Coordinator
(860) 906-5243