Social Services Aide

The Social Service Aide certificate prepares students for employment as group residence workers, neighborhood outreach workers, social casework assistants and other similar positions. In many instances, social service workers are employed under the supervision of a social worker, or in some cases a psychologist. Employment opportunities exist in such areas as day care, nursery school education, mental health, group and community work at the public and private levels.

  1. Entry level skills for employment in social services agencies
  2. Entry level competencies in skills to work with organizations, communities, groups, families and individuals
  3. Ability to work collaboratively in groups
  4. Clear and effective communication skills
  5. Appreciation for adhering to the ethics and integrity of the social services profession
BIO* 115 Human Biology 4
SOC* 101 Principles of Sociology 3
SOC* 210 Sociology of the Family 3
SOC* 235 Introduction to Social Welfare (SL) 3
SOC* 285 Community Organization 3
PSY* 105 Group Dynamics (SL) 3
POL* ___ Political Science Elective 3
 SOC* 117
† SOC* 201
† PSY* 253
Minorities in the U.S. OR
Contemporary Social Issues (SL) OR 
Multicultural Issues in Psychology
This symbol (†) indicates a prerequisite needs to be met
(SL) This course requires students to conduct 25 hours of service learning. Please consult with an academic counselor or contact the program coordinator for more details.

Josiah Ricardo
Program Coordinator
Social Services
Room 1016
(860) 906-5233